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Thursday 05/05/2022

Media advisory: No to Putin's "Victory" celebration

Nottingham Ukraine Solidarity Campaign (NUSC) to hold protest against Russia's "Victory day" celebrations.

What: NUSC will hold a protest at Old Market Square, Nottingham.

When: 6pm Monday 9th May (Russia's "Victory day")

Where: Old Market Square, Nottingham

Why: 9th May represents "Victory Day" in the Russian calendar, traditionally a large military parade takes place through Moscow and important military updates may be announced.

These annual parades were originally started to celebrate the defeat of Hitler and his Nazi forces in what Russian leaders call the "Great Patriotic War". But the parade this year is intended by Putin to celebrate and endorse his war on the people of Ukraine.

Many rumours are already circulating about what may happen at the event in Moscow this year. Will Putin use it to formally declare war? Will captured Ukrainian soldiers, including British resident Aiden Aslin, be paraded through Red Square in direct contravention of the Geneva Convention?

Although it is unclear exactly what Putin will do on the day, it is certain that he will do something. NUSC intends to protest on the same day to highlight the farce that Russia's "Victory Day" has become.

Who: NUSC was formed in the immediate aftermath of the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine and has been running events most weekends since the end of Feb. Past events include a large 500 person march through Nottingham, a vigil for child victims of war and a die-in protest in April.

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